Now You Can Block Unwanted emails in your Gmail,new feature of Gmail

Now You Can Block Unwanted emails in your Gmail
hey you know  Now You Can Block Unwanted emails in your your gmial lots of spam and fake eamil are come Now You Can Block Unwanted emails in your Gmail.the new feature.goole update the its Gmail web service that makes the process of blocking an unwanted email id as simple as a few simple clicks of the mouse.that new feature was very useful for gmail user.and this is very simple for use 


next time when some emails are come in your inbox and you want to block this just go down.then you see reply option.inside the option you can see block.hit it and you block that email.incoming messages from the sender in question will automatically be moved to spam.

Using this new features of Gmail, users can block specific email addresses in Gmail on the web and While the block feature is now live on web, it still hasn’t hit the mobile and app platforms. over the next week that work on Android, Google said in a blogpost.

you know In June, Google had introduced the one more fetures that ‘Undo’ option that allows users to cancel delivery of the email within 30 seconds.this is very useful option for the user.

so enjoy that feature of is very useful feature of gmail.

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