Call of Duty Mobile is now Available for Download

Call of Duty Mobile is now Available for Download 

Call of Duty Mobile Now officially available on your Play store to Download,call of Duty is first person shooter game That’s already very popular on computer.lots of Gamer are waiting for that game to come in Mobile.finally they  available on Play store you can Download Call of Duty apk Directly from your Play store.
The game might be not available for everyone now becouse tencent the Developer of Call of Duty was released game only for those user who pre registered the game in there play store.
But yes According to news may b they available for everyone in a month.

How to play Call of Duty in Mobile

Before you play COD you have must understand these below point
  • Required 4/3 GB of RAM
  • 4 GB Free space on your Android
  • Game Size is 1.5 GB so you need a good internet speed to download game.
Now if you have all above point now GoTo your Play store search Call of Duty Mobile 
Click on first app.if you register already then you able to download the game.Otherwise Hit on registered option you might be get Download button after some time.




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