Best Workout Apps for iOS to Stay Fit

Best Workout Apps for iOS to Stay Fit


Fitness is an essential part of healthy living and your overall body outlook. With the advent of technology, and phones in particular, workout routines have been simplified and customized to suit the various needs of fitness enthusiasts. Handheld devices have different operating systems like iOS, which runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Various fitness apps that cover exercises like jogging, weightlifting, cycling, swimming, and even diet routines can now help individuals to exercise with ease and convenience with a touch of their pads.
With the right application, one can access the right fitness routine. The best so far are the following:
My Fitness Pal
This application helps to monitor your fitness routine. It is linked to many others who are using a similar diet and exercise. It can also be used to enter data related to food eaten, which is automatically converted to calories. The app generates various reports that help to make fitness decisions. Eventually, this enables you to identify those that are best for your body and the routine being carried out.
Fit Radio
Music plays a significant role in not only relaxation during workouts, but also as a cue in between your exercise routine. The Fit Radio app offers guidelines on various exercises with periodic additions to make the routine both more interesting and tiring. The high-octane sound system linked with the workout routines provides an interesting hands-free work out experience. Listening to music synchronized to the workout routine is also an option within the application.
Strava uses mapping technology. It maps out a cycler’s workout including speed, elevations, and routes and compares them to other cyclers around. It can link with other tracking technology like smart watches and GPS, enabling pinpoint results.
Pokemon GO
This application uses virtual reality capabilities to give impetus and motivate you as the user. It enables you to do a myriad of fitness routines virtually wherever you are. Some people use this augmented technology at the gym to virtually visit the Pokestops, which enables them to exercises in the process. Many other activities are embedded within the application and you may do an activity without realizing that you are doing it.
This application is for bodybuilding, weight lifting, and strength training. You can link the best workout routines based on your specifications and muscle group being exercised as supported by 120 kgs. It gives clear instructions and exercise examples to be done including what weights to use for a workout.

Nike Training Club
This application is a product of the Nike Company. It is best for individuals who lack proper training equipment, have little money to spend on exercise activities, and do not have much time. It provides a string of exercise routines covering the entire body.
It also provides a historical workout routine app that can be used by anyone since it is a manual guideline from trainers with different levels of experience for you as a user.
Whether for leisure or health, your workout program is not complete without an appropriate application in your iOS phone. It should be customized and unique to your tastes, and there is a myriad of them available on the market at a pocket-friendly price.



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