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How to Connect to mcdonalds wifi now 😍



How to Connect to mcdonalds wifi now

Step by step process of connect to mcdonalds wifi now. Now you can enjoy McDonald’s free wifi at every time when your visit Mcdonald’s Restaurant. While previous year McDonald’s charges Some amount when you connect with McDonald’s Wifi. But now it’s totally free Now you can enjoy unlimited wifi at McDonald’s with no extra charges. Here we give you step by step guide of how to Connect to mcdonalds wifi now . you can do your office work, enjoy movies, etc. while eating some food at McDonald’s.

Use of McDonalds Free WiFi

Whenever you connected with McDonald’s wifi you can do your office work, you can Download movies, Applications, etc. You can even give your Feedback to McDonald’s official website mcdvoice and you will be rewarded with some free food or a Dilly bar coupon. From the day when they started free wifi Services at McDonald’s people will spend some extra time in Restaurant or order extra food which affects sales also.

Step by Step Guide of connect to mcdonalds wifi now


Below we explain your step-by-step process of How to with  McDonald free wifi on Laptop.

1 >visit your Nearest McDonald’s restaurant.

2 >Click on your Wifi icon at the window taskbar you see a wifi option with the name of McDonalds wifi

3 >Click on that and get connected when you Successfully connected with wifi your browser will open automatically.

4 >Now you see mcdonalds wifi connect button there too ( get connected). Click on that.




Connect to McDonalds wifi now on Mobile

1>Click on your wifi option at your Smartphone

2>you see wifi with the name of ( McDonalds free wifi ) click on that and get connected.

3>Now the browser will open Automatically where you see the option of ( Get connected )click on that

4>Enjoy unlimited free wifi

How to Create an Account in Mcdonalds wifi Sign in Portal

  1.  Visit the McDonalds official website wi-fi.html , 
  2. fill in the all required information.
  3. 2. Enter your Email address and Password.
  4. 3. Now click on Create Account Button.

McDonald’s doesn’t allow you to open any porn or Nude website. Also don’t share or upload and files using free wifi.

McDonalds wifi Contact

In case you Got any problem you can contact them via the FeedBack or you can call on given Number


Current Wait: 4 mins (2m avg)
You can Contact Them via Email


I hope you will enjoy the guide to connect to mcdonalds wifi now .and now you can enjoy Unlimited free wifi at McDonald’s while eating the food.



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