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McDonald free wifi – How to connect with McDonalds Wifi 😍




McDonald free wifi -How to connect with McDonalds Wifi

While you are having a meal at McDonald’s, you would certainly like Mcdonald free wifi available at their restaurant. If you’re wondering how to connect to the McDonalds Wifi, at the end of this article you will be able to do so easily. We’re going to explain a step-by-step process of  McDonalds wifi sign in using your mobile or laptop. So let’s check it out how its works.



Before we take you through the process of connecting with the McDonalds Free Wi-Fi, you must know that not all websites can be accessed using this connection due to certain access controls set in place. What you can do is check the news and reply to e-mails using the Wifi.
McDonald free wifi
McDonald’s is one of the leading and Best food chains in the world and also one of the first to start free Wifi service in its outlets way back in 2010, rolling out fee Wifi services across 12000 of its outlets in the US alone.

Who does not want free wifi while you eat your food at Mcdonalds Taking Snap and Upload on social Media with free wifi is really amazing the love by customers and Mcdonald’s make it real.

How To Find A McDonald free wifi

In order to connect your mobile device to McDonald’s Wi-Fi, you will first have to identify the Wi-Fi location and the network. Here’s how:

1. Simply hit a search for the nearest McDonalds in your town on the McDonalds store locator page





2. Under the listed outlets, look for those that have ‘Wifi’ under its list of features


3. That is the location where you can enjoy the free McDonald free wifi

The exact location of the outlet with the street name will be provided on the website. Do look out for its operation timings and easiest route to get there. Most Mcdonald’s are open till at least midnight. While having some food on McDonald’s along you can be done your daily work Easily.

How to do mcdonalds wifi sign in

You get wifi But Don’t know How to do McDonalds wifi sign in Then this is for you Before you Enjoy your wifi you must know how to connect with McDonald’s wifi.
1. Whenever you are in the range of McDonald’s free wifi you can select Mcdonald’s wifi on your device. 
2. See a Notification on your Notification bar tap on that
3. Now tab on the free connection
4. Enjoy now you are connected to free wifi.

How To Connect To McDonalds Wifi Now On Your Laptop

Once you have located the store, you are only a few more steps away from mcdonalds wifi free  which is absolutely free.
1. Go to your Wifi network tab on the bottom right corner of your Windows taskbar on your laptop. You will find the Wi-Fi listed as McDonalds free Wifi. Select Connect and your laptop will begin processing the connection.


2. Once connected, your default browser will open the McDonalds internet terms of the service web page automatically. Here, you need to locate and click on the McDonalds wifi connect button.




3. Next, there will appear a message on the top of this webpage that reads, ‘You are connected to McDonald’s Wifi. Enjoy!’


4. Now you can open the Wifi connections tab on the bottom right of your taskbar, as you did in the first step, to confirm that you are indeed connected to the free McDonalds Wifi.

5. Congratulations! You can now open a new tab on your browser and surf the internet for all long as you need using the free Mcdonalds Wifi.

How To Connect To McDonald free wifi On Android

The McDonalds wifi sign in Option is Available from your Android device. Here’s how you can get your mobile connected to the network:
1. Open the Settings on your Android phone and select Wifi.



2. From the list of networks available, select McDonald’s Free Wifi and click on Connect.



3. Once it is successfully connected, you will see a ‘Connected’ status below the McDonalds Free Wifi.

4. Open your mobile web browser and the McDonald’s Wifi connection page will automatically open on your browser.

5. Click on the red button ‘Get Connected’ to connect to the free Mcdonald’s Wifi and access it to browse the internet.


How To Connect To McDonalds Free Wifi On iOS

You can enjoy free wifi on ios also. Follow the given steps to connect McDonald’s wife. here’s how you can do mcdonald wifi login on your iPhone:

1. Open the Settings menu on your iOS phone and click on Wi-Fi.
2. Once the list of available networks comes up, choose the McDonalds Free Wifi.
3. Once connected, you will see the McDonalds Free Wifi move to the top of the list with ‘Unsecured Network’ status under it.

4. Open the browser on your mobile and it will automatically load the McDonalds Free Wifi login page.

5. Click on the red button ‘Get Connected’ to connect to the free McDonalds Wifi and enjoy browsing the internet.

How to Create an Account in Mcdonalds wifi Sign in Portal

1. Visit the McDonalds official website , 
     and fill in the all required information.
2. Enter your Email address and Password.
3. Now click on Create Account Button.

McDonald wifi login

  • To Login in McDonald free wifi just follow below simple steps.
  • Connect with any McDonalds wifi network which has Wayport_access
  • Accept all terms and conditions
  • After accepting their term and conditions you are able to login in McDonalds wifi.

McDonalds wifi sign in [Youtube ]

Here is Small Video that Helps you with mcdonalds wifi sign in



McDonald’s Free Wi Fi Network Filters:

Of course, McDonald’s provides you free wifi  Service But it also cares about its customers from Accessing inappropriate and dangerous content Over their network.

The Sites that are Blocked In Mcdonalds Network are given Below you can’t access this website whenever you connected to Mcdondals Wifi


  • Pornography
  • Some files downloading websites
  • Torrent or other kinds of media piracy websites
  • Any malicious or dangerous websites
  • You Know Mcdonald’s sells products and services and also shares information about the user that’s why Copyright is another important aspect of terms and conditions. so they require a copyright notice that informs the users about all content and also their logo is the intellectual property of the site owner.


How to speed up wifi connection?
Below are some tips that help you to boost your internet Speed :
  • Try to get a strong signal by sitting at the right location.
  • You can switch to different channels for better speed.
  • Always Close background applications that are consuming internet Speed.



  I am unable to connect with McDonald’s Wi-Fi, what Should I do?
Answer:    Check are you connected to the McDonald’ network, or else you can try refreshing. And before that, also Don’t forget to accept their Terms and conditions, Without Agreeing you cant connect to the network.

Question: Do All McDonald’s restaurants have free wifi?
Answer: Yes, Mostly all McDonald’s Now Providing Free Wifi Service.


Wayport Network

Wayport, currently known as AT&T, is a Wi-Fi broadband internet provider, based in Austin, Texas that was founded in 1996. Back in 2010, Wayport provided Wi-Fi connections to over 28,000 locations in the US, including hotels, sports venues, airports, and retail outlets, half of which were McDonald’s outlets.

In 2004, Wayport began the Wayport Wifi World program that allowed unlimited usage of Wifi locations in return for a monthly payment. This service was provided to telecommunication partners who could, in turn, sell this service to others under their name.
Come May 2012, these hotspot connections by Wayport (now AT&T) increased to about 48,000 in number.
You can Contact Them via Email        


Current Wait: 4 mins (2m avg)


Now you are all set to enjoy McDonald free wifi at  McDonald’s while you relish your meal. Free wifi is great when you don’t have enough data on your Mobile and enjoy it with your meal.
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