Mcdonalds Wifi Sign in – How to use Mcdonald wifi login Portal

Mcdonalds Wifi Sign in – How to use Mcdonald wifi login Portal


Most of us dream of high-speed and free WiFi connections and McDonalds are providing us WiFi connections with high speed and without any kind of bills. In the United States, McDonalds WiFi is one of the largest WiFi networks. If you are getting problems with McDonalds WiFi Sign In then you will need to get some troubleshooting tips. On this website, you will get complete details for connecting your mobile device to mcdonald free wifi access and you will also get basic troubleshooting tips.


How to Get Connected to McDonalds WiFi Sign In Page?

Connecting to Mcdonalds network is really easy simple and Below we are going to explain the Step by Step process for accessing McDonald’s WiFi network.

If you are visiting McDonald’s store, then search for the available wifi networks available. All you need to find available wifi that you can access with the “wayport_access” web extension.

Select that network and click on the “Connect” button.


You can visit any web page from your mobile or laptop browser and then you will automatically get a login page for McDonalds WiFi sign in.

Now Click on the “Free Connection”  Button.


You will need to agree to the term and conditions for accession the WiFi access from McDonalds.

You can then access the wifi network for your wireless device.


These are Some steps that you need to follow to get connect your mobile and computer device to McDonalds Wifi network. You may also face problems connecting with McDonalds WiFi in case you are using an internet explorer web browser. You will need to click on the button continuously and you can easily get free wifi access for your wireless devices.


How to Create an Account in Mcdonalds wifi Sign in Portal

  1. Visit the McDonalds official website
  2. fill in the all required information.
  3. 2. Enter your Email address and Password.
  4. 3. Now click on Create Account Button.

Here Are Some Key Points About  Mcdonald wifi login

You do not need some kind of special device for connecting McDonalds WiFi Sign in. you can easily use your Smartphone or your computer devices like Laptop or IPad for free wifi connections at any Mcdonald’s store.

  • If you were not able to get free wifi access then You can ask the cashier for McDonalds free WiFi access and they give you some coupons that You can use for getting extra high-speed and free internet access.
  • Because you are getting connected to the free wifi access for McDonald’s so you will need to click on the “Free Connection” option when you make a login for your device.
  • You will get many options for McDonalds WiFi Sign in access. You can select the login window as per your choice
  • McDonald’s is the first food store that is providing free internet access for its users.
  • By connecting WiFi at McDonald’s you get very high speed. That you can use to Complete your daily requirements.
  • There are some terms and conditions that you will need to agree with. If you are agreeing to this term and conditions only then you can access  Mcdonald wifi login access.



My Mobile is Not Connecting with McDonalds WiFi

Yes, that’s true McDonalds WiFi is one of the best free wifi at the restaurant with high speed and Fully Secure for your Smartphone. 

Here we are going to focus on issues and point when you can’t access free WiFi at McDonalds store. Although you need very simple steps for connecting your device with McDonalds Wifi sing in but there are some users who don’t get easy wifi connections on the mobile device.


What to Do if Not Connecting with McDonalds WiFi?

  • Most of the time users does not accept term and conditions for Wifi access. So Don’t forget to accept the term and conditions for Wifi access.
  • If the firmware is enabled for your mobile device then you will need to cross-check your device settings. Just make sure that you enabled wifi access on your devices.
  • Also, You can try Some other third-party utilities like an application for accessing wifi McDonalds wifi internet.
  • When you receive a message like “Authorize Connection?” then you will need to select the “Yes” option for that.
  • If you are connected to wifi connections and getting slow internet then you have to remember that not all locations are provided with high-speed internet networks in the USA. There are some locations where you will get very slow wifi coverage so make sure that in McDonald’s store where you are having your meal can provide you with high-speed wifi.


Hope All your Dout is cleared now and you know How to use Mcdonalds Wifi Sign in to the portal and enjoy the free wifi at Macdonald’s while eating your meal.



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